Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Oct 10, 2011 So Who's the New Guy?

Boyce and his kidney got home last night around 9:30.  Geez...they shouldn't call it "Tres Dias" they should call it "Casi cuatros dias".  "Almost 4 days".  Only now it's not Boyce and his kidney, because he hardly thought about his predicament all 3 (3 1/2) days.  He had an amazing weekend, he said.  He came home knowing, absolutely sure of, not a doubt in his mind, that this diagnosis, and this season in our lives, will be behind us very soon.  I am so grateful!!  I am so grateful for all the prayers...we found out people have been praying for him, people who didn't even know him, for weeks and weeks.  Those prayers were happening before the cancer was even diagnosed.  He was being covered from head to foot in prayer from the moment we were contemplating going to Tres Dias.  It is so humbling.  And the friendships that were forged this past weekend...Boyce has never been a guy that has a lot of close guy friends.  Not anymore.  He now has brothers.  Brothers who are his friends.  Three different guys he had just met this weekend called him this morning to tell him they love him, and they are there for him.  Wow.  God is so good.

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