Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Oct 13, 2011 Met with Boyce's surgeon

We met with the surgeon at Mayo Clinic yesterday.  We both really liked him..he has a great sense of humour, and of course that is the most important thing when looking for a good surgeon.  His surgery is scheduled for next Wed Oct 19th at around 10:00 am, and they will be taking the entire kidney.  There was some discussion about leaving part of it, but because of where the tumour is located, it's best to remove the whole thing.  There are 2 types of cancer that it may be--renal, which will be limited to the kidney, or transitional, which could possibly  travel into the ureter.  If it is transitional, they will remove the left ureter along with the kidney as a precautionary measure.  Boyce won't notice any difference if the ureter is removed, as the body will automatically use the right ureter.  At this point, there is no follow up radiation or chemotherapy (thank you God!) no matter which of the two types of cancer it is.  The surgery should last around 2 hours, and he will be in the hospital only one, maybe two nights!  I suggested that maybe they should keep him longer, then my shift wouldn't start so soon, but no go.  And now I'm getting ready to leave on my Tres Dias weekend.  I am a big homesick baby before I even reach the door.  And I can't understand why a women's christian retreat would be at a place with a four letter word in the name of it...C A M P.  I know for a fact that God also goes to the Hilton, AND the Hilton Express, if you really feel like roughing it for a couple days (there aren't ANY hot food items on the breakfast bar at the Hilton Express). So I will be out of touch with everyone and everything for the next 3-4 days....hope I make it back!!

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