Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wed Oct 5, 2011 Still waiting.....

We're still on the surgery schedule for Oct 19th, but he's on a cancellation list so it's possible they may move him up.  Kind of a bummer, because we had hoped for surgery today.  Instead we have 2 more weeks to sit with it.  And Boyce is leaving Thursday for Tres Dias, where he can have absolutely no contact with the outside world until he gets home Sunday night.  I feel very clingy because of all this, so it's going to be extra hard being away from him.  As soon as I told my mom that, she gently reminded me that maybe God wants me to cling to Him.  Maybe. :)  Okay, most likely.  Thank you everyone for all your prayers, calls, texts, emails, and singing telegrams (a little over the top Sandi and Chris).  And yes Keith, we will be selling Boyce's kidney on Ebay, and there will be a reserve price.


  1. keep me on the "do call" list for the weekend! i'm completely free to chat whenever. hugs.

  2. LOL, today Boyce mentioned about being "clingy", I said maybe he is suppose to get clingy with Jesus this weekend!