Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Oct 3, 2011 Boyce's surgery date postponed

Since I am a "non-facebooker" (I've never understood the attraction of having a 1000 friends whom I've never met), I decided the best way to keep friends and family updated on Boyce is to blog.  Most of you know, but for those of you who are just finding out, Boyce was diagnosed with kidney cancer last Wed Sept 28, 2011 at about 2:00 pm.  That date and time will forever be etched in our minds.  He had had some blood in his urine on a couple seperate occasions over the last 2 months, and was having several tests run at the Mayo Clinic just "to rule things out".  Everything was coming back normal until the results from the CT scan he had earlier that day.  It seemed unreal to me that a Dr would call and say "You have kidney cancer" over the phone (Boyce was home when we got the call and put the Dr on speaker phone).  I thought they were supposed to call, tell us we needed to come in for the results, and that the Dr wasn't available to talk with us over the phone regarding the results.  Then I could push them to tell me over the phone, beg and plead with them to just tell us, make up all kinds of reasons why we couldn't make it in his office for at least 2 weeks due to scheduling conflicts, and then use my imagination to come up with all kinds of horrible diagnosis',  look them up on WebMD or the Mayo Clinic website,  print all the information up (in case I learned more on the web than the Drs knew), laminate it, put it into a binder with different sections according to disease, and pay Brenna to create a powerpoint presentation that I could give at the test results appt with his Dr.  Nope. Just "You have kidney cancer".  It suddenly occured to me that I should be writing things down.  My mom taught me to always write things down when meeting with a Dr so that you don't forget.  Especially when it's something earth shattering.  So I jump up and start looking for a pen and paper.  I could only find a red pen.  I really hate writing with a red pen.  Nothing good ever comes out of a red pen.  Negative account balances, wrong answers on tests, red lining civil designs (I'm married to an engineer for heaven's sake).  Whenever my kids bring me something to sign and a red pen to sign it with, I refuse to sign it.  I'de rather sign with a big jumbo piece of chalk.  So I guess it makes sense that all I could find was a crappy red pen....I didn't have time to go look for jumbo chalk in the garage.  Anyway, a lot has happened between then and now, but I think I'm done writing for today.  We were hoping that his surgery would be this Wed, but the surgeon doesn't have time until Oct 19th.  I know that a LOT of you have been praying about the timing of this surgery, because Boyce is supposed to go to Tres Dias this weekend, and I am supposed to go next weekend.  So I believe this is absolutely God's timing (isn't it always?), and that MIRACULOUS things are going to happen this weekend for Boyce, and all of you going up to serve at Tres Dias!  Everything was happening so fast...the tests, the results, the surgery scheduled tentatively for this Wed...I think God wants us to SLOW DOWN, be still, and know that he is God.  He is such an awesome God.


  1. dear friend, i am so grateful you have begun to write about your travels through such crazy, tough terrain. I LOVE you and hold you and your whole precious family in my heart.

  2. To Jen, Boyce & family,
    Ever though we haven't been keeping in touch in these past few years but we surely missed you guys. We've been praying for Boyce since we've heard the news. Please let us know if you need anything.
    Love - Nuning, Chris & the boys.
    p.s. Nuning's cell number is still the same.