Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct 6, 2011 They took him away in an unmarked van...

Okay, so it's our church van.  But it is unmarked, and "they" are TL and De.  It was very weird watching him ride away without his cell phone, knowing we wouldn't be talking or texting, let alone hugging and stuff, for the next 3 days.  But here is the simply amazing thing....a year ago now, we had just separated, and would remain separated for about 2 months.  We didn't even know if our marriage was going to make it.  I know I could never have made it through that dark time without the support of my family, friends, and Hope family, and I'm confident in saying that Boyce feels the same way.  God worked a miracle through the marital counseling of Tommy and Bobbie Merrill.  This last year has been a very difficult one for us, and now we're facing cancer.  But we're facing it together.  We are side by side, and stronger in our commitment to each other, and more importantly, to God, than ever before.  And you know what??  I would choose this...choose this kidney cancer and our relationship today...any day of the week, over the cancer that was destroying our marriage a year ago.  And I don't believe that God would heal our marriage, and then let this illness take Boyce away from me.  This is just one more bump in the road.  God will heal Boyce, just like he healed our marriage.  What a crazy good testimony we're going to have!!!

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  1. Unmarked van..... oh Jennifer, you crack me up!!!
    I love what you wrote here, you are soooo right, God is unfolding an amazingly incredible testimony in your family! All GLORY to GOD!!!